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December 11th, 2019

11am – 5pm CST with a break for lunch

  • Experiential Skill Drills Practicing Each Piece of Your Signature Talk

  • Tips to Sky Rocket Your Stage Presence and Confidence On Stage

  • Plus… Games, Rehearsal & Real Time Feedback to Persuasively Rock Your Talk

Training Hours Dec 11, 2019

  • Please arrive by 10:45AM
  • Event hours are 11am-5pm with a break for lunch​

Mark & Shannon’s House
16112 Spillman Ranch Loop Dr
Austin, TX 78738


What to bring and prepare before arriving, they’re your ticket in the door:

  • Rock Star Speaker Handbook w/ your Signature Talk

  • If you have any Q’s about your Signature Talk, submit on the Support call or FB group for Mark & Shannon to answer before the training

Plan on being EARLY- plan extra time for traffic, restroom, food etc so you can be ready to rock & roll when doors open.

Feel free to bring snacks, coffee/ tea, water, etc- especially if you have blood sugar issues. Plan on taking care of yourself and bringing some snacks to tide you over in between meals.

We appreciate your partnership in being ON TIME and in integrity. This will help you get the most out of the training and help us deliver our promise and commitment to you.

What NOT to bring to the training:
Laptops or ipads. You can bring your cell phones but please make sure they’re on silence. No working on your phone or checking email while you’re in session.
This is a time to be present and soak up as much of the training as possible!

We create sacred space and a container for the events to ensure everyone gets the most out of the training. This is a technology free zone so please leave laptops and tablets at home or in your hotel room. In addition, please do not attend with any pets, babies or small children. Thank you for honoring the container we’re creating for you!

NOTE: Our company policy for live trainings- no make up for time missed. If you need to leave the event early or miss a day, get the information from classmates as you cannot make up just one day at the next live event. Clear your schedule and be there! (and we recommend clearing the day before and after for self care!)

We can’t wait to see you!
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