Welcome To “6 Figure Weekend”

YOU. Creating Your Movement & ROCKIN Your Own Events.

A surge of PREDICTABLE CASH FLOW comes into your bank account while you’re leading life changing weekends and training’s. You GET KNOWN as an Industry Leader and create a Tribe of raving fans!

“6 Figure Weekend” will help you learn how to sell from the stage and create your own ROCKING events is a total game changer!

PROMISE of the Program:
Walk away with your Signature EVENT so you can enjoy LEVERAGED enrollment.

Here’s all the details of the “6 Figure Weekend” and What You’re Gonna Learn…

  • Personalized Mentorship & Mastermind That Sets Your Business on FIRE!
    Nothing is as powerful as having someone whose achieved what you want…
    showing you the way

  • How to hire & manage a ROCK STAR Team- who to hire, how much to pay for specific roles, how to motivate and incentivize people to take ownership so you can free up your time, etc

  • Walk Away With A Crystal Clear, Customized 90 Day “Rock Star” Plan To Lead Your Own 6 Figure+ Event

  • Your UNIQUE Rock Star Brand that’s in alignment with YOUR Essence

  • How To Create A Unique Event Experience That’s Authentic To Your Essence


  • How to create win win partnerships & collaborations