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Total Niche Clarity Virtual Training with Mark & Shannon:

‘Complete System’ To Land On Your Niche & Get Crystal Clear About Your Tribe

  • Step Into Your Genius Zone & Get Paid Doing What You Love
  • Stop Spinning Your Wheels, End The Frustration With Finding Your Peeps
  • (2) Total Niche Clarity Recorded Trainings
  • Mark & Shannon personally approve your Ideal Client & Niche

Please complete the Total Niche Clarity Course (submit online homework 1, 2 and 3) by executing the lessons to the left. Listen to the recordings, complete the quiz and homework #1, #2 and #3. Once you’ve submitted your homework (all three submitted), we will let you know if you PASSED and what your Niche is (yay!). We do not review anything until all 3 entries are submitted online.

When you receive a “PASS” confirmation via email, you can move on to the Mining For Gold module and start your Mining For Gold Interviews.If we have further clarifying Q’s to help us land on your Ideal Client, we will include that in the email sent to you. Please be on the look out for that email reply with instructions on your next steps.