Ideal Client- Homework #1

To complete the Ideal Client Homework, fill in the Q&A below.

Suggestion: Draft answers first (on your desktop in word or an email draft) for personal reference and to save a copy, and then paste in here and submit. Best to submit via computer and not iPad or iPhone.

Write down the answers to your Ideal Client below. Note: if you haven’t had any paid clients yet, you can use experiences from anyone you have helped (friends, family) even if they’re not paid clients. Or fill in who your potential ideal clients may be. Do your best. There are no wrong answers. You don’t need to know your Niche before hand to do this homework, that’s what we’ll help you land on!

  • Tell Us About A Few Of Your Favorite Clients…

    Client #1

  • Client #2

  • Client #3

  • NOTE: Remember to put your "Marketing Hat" on and take off your "Change Agent Hat." Make sure your summary is grounded and measurable. Would a 7 year old kid be able to identify the specific group of people and problem you solve?